Why use these lights?

For a huge variety of highly efficient emission free and silent mobile lighting needs.

What savings do they provide against traditional tower lights?

Our All Terrain and Smart Solar tower lights both save you cost on fuel, labour and management, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

How long do the lights run for?

Lighting duration depends on the power output –  see the table below for indicative duration for fully charged batteries.

Batteries are recharged automatically by the solar panels so, depending on use, the unit may continue operating indefinitely.

Exceptional conditions, of intense lighting need and winter minimal daylight hours, may mean that the solar panels are unable to fully recharge the batteries. In this case, the all-terrain unit has a backup generator, and the smart solar tower can have individual battery cans dismounted for mains recharging.

Output All Terrain Light Smart Solar Light
60,000 Lumens: maximum brightness for intense working Up to 37 hours Up to 37 hours
20,000 lumens: least practical output for area lighting 100 hours plus 100 hours plus

What happens in the Winter, when there is not much sun?

The all-terrain units have a back-up generator that will recharge the batteries as required. We recommend the use of a renewable fuel. The new smart solar units have removable battery cans that can be individually removed for mains recharging; this does not compromise performance.

What prevents the batteries from being stolen?

The All Terrain unit can be locked in using an electro magnet or other locking mechanism so that they can only be removed via software command.  The Smart Solar unit batteries have security systems built into the Firmware that prevents them working on any other device. They also have built-in remote tracking.

What geographical area do you serve?

We offer national coverage.

What support services do you have?

All our products are fully supported through our dedicated Account Management and technical support.

What fuel does the All-Terrain unit generator operate on?

The generator is a standard diesel engine, so it runs on red diesel. However, we recommend a drop-in replacement renewable fuel instead, such as HVO.

What does the remote management system do?

There is slightly different functionality for the two types of light. Both offer a web portal through which you can remotely control the lights (on / off), identify where they are and monitor performance data such as battery charge. The smart solar light has additional features such as security geo-fencing (stop the light from operating outside a geographic area), the ability to remotely control groups of lights, lighting levels and some additional performance analysis tools.

How long does it take for the lights to work once turned on?

Illumination to the level you have selected is immediate.

Do the lights work if a battery in the Smart Solar light needs recharging?

Yes. Because there are two batteries, it will continue to fully work on one whilst the other is being recharged.

How long does it take to recharge a battery?

1 hr 47 mins to go from 10% to 100% charged.

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